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The field of psychology gives you a lot to think about. If you've ever wondered why people do what they do, you may be ready to dig into the "whys", "hows", and "what ifs" of emotion, thought, and behavior. Psychology aims to explain how personal, social, physiological, and environmental conditions influence thoughts and actions.

Here's How We Do It

Students of psychology can choose to study general psychology which includes courses from all the major psychology fields. Or, you can choose an emphasis:

Brain, Behavior & Health Emphasis
Includes courses such as Drugs and Behavior, Psychology of Cognitive Processes, and Health Psychology
Cultural & Gender Diversity Emphasis
Includes courses such as Psychology and Culture, Psychology of Women, and Multicultural Counseling & Mental Health
Mental Health Emphasis
Includes courses such as Psychological Testing and Abnormal Psychology Counseling & Psychotherapy
Sustainability Emphasis
Includes courses such as Conservation Psychology, Environmental Psychology, and Psychology of Emotion


Of UWGB psychology graduates are employed, in graduate school, or both.

Studying psychology at UW-Green Bay means you'll have a unique experience.

Outstanding Faculty Who Care

Your teachers and mentors will be the same folks who win national, state, and university teaching awards, write books, and conduct ground-breaking research. And their doors are always open for you; they truly care about your success.

Hands-On Experiences That Matter

One way we help students like you succeed is by connecting you with opportunities for internships, research and teaching assistantships, and independent studies. In these projects you begin seeing your classroom knowledge in action, and you gain the skills you need for your future career.


Your Future is our Goal

Careers That Matter

When you invest in your college education, it is because of your bright future. Our students have a 97% placement rate after graduation. With our excellent professors and amazing hands-on experiences, students are ready to take on the world. We want to help you find the job or graduate program you are dreaming about after graduation.

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Your Professional Dreams

UW-Green Bay psychology grads go on to meaningful and impressive careers in business, research, government, higher education, and social/community service organizations. A sample of out students’ first jobs out of college for the last two years:

  • Service Coordinator
  • Lead Staff for After School Programs
  • Economic Support Specialists
  • Recruiter & Sales Agent
  • Behavior Support Specialist
  • Line Therapist for an Autism Agency
  • Call Center Manager
  • Patient Services Representative
  • Services Coordinator
  • Vocational Case Manager

Many of our students also go on to prestigious graduate and professional schools to pursue careers as counselors, clinical psychologists, psychology researchers, and professors.

For you, this is just the beginning.

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Award Winning Faculty

  • Founders Awards for Teaching, Service, and Scholarship
  • Student Nominated Teaching Award
  • Organization Advisor of the Year
  • Wisconsin Professor of the Year
  • Regents Award for Teaching
  • Regional Advisor Award

What Psychology Means

Psychology is the systematic and scientific study of behavior and experience. It seeks to explain how physiological, personal, social, and environmental conditions influence thought and action. Research with humans aims to understand, predict, and influence behavior.

A strong grasp of psychology requires knowledge of the approach and content of each of its sub-areas. Students gain this understanding by completing courses in the four main cores: Physiological/Cognitive, Social/Personality, Developmental, and Clinical. They choose additional courses to meet individual needs with the help of a psychology adviser. Furthermore, students who major in psychology learn to evaluate research articles and to design, conduct and report experiments.

Great Preparation

Our students attend prestigious graduate and professional schools in pursuit of their master's or PhD degrees. Learn more about what to expect.

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